Privacy Policy

We, at Advance America make use of privacy policy. Customers are suggested to exam & read our privacy policy carefully in order to understand better about our services. What's more, we are committed to safeguard the essential details and information of our all customers. We follow data safety act 1998 and maintain the confidentiality of the customer's personal details. Other than, incase owing to some technical fault, any data doesn't remain secret, Loans Area won't be liable for that.

We, at Advance America offer users' password facility. We plan to protect users/customers' details including their email ids, telephone numbers, social security numbers and other essential information from any type of illegal access herewith this facility. So, it is prudent to everyone to opt for their passwords properly and not to share it with other individuals.

Loans Area does not accumulate any data from the browsers. You can easily look through our website without giving any personal information. What's more, we won't collect any information about you without your information.

We, at Advance America take care of the security of customers' personal details. Be secure that we don't sell or disclose your essential information like e-mail ids, telephone numbers, social security numbers, financial information and the list goes on. At the same time, we always attempt to find better deals that suit our customers' desires and requirements. And for that, at times we share our customers' details as information with affiliates/associates/associate banks/lenders/credit agencies in any electronic or telecommunication as required by the law of the land. Apart from, if required, we may share customers' details as well as information with a legal entity as well. Last but not least, Advance America is not responsible in case of sharing information for different purposes such as risk management, verification et cetera.

Are you Eligible?
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Must have a bank account with a valid debit card
  • Must be currently Employed Full or Part-Time.
  • Paid by direct deposit to a US bank account
  • Must be complete your last part of the verification process.